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	this is XFree86 version 3.3.1 compiled for OpenBSD on the pmax

the following x servers are part of this distribution:

* Xcfbpmax - supports the cfb and sfb framebuffers on OpenBSD/pmax
             (this is an X11R5pl26 server because there are currently
             no newer servers running on OpenBSD/pmax available)

* Xmfbpmax - supports the mfb framebuffer on OpenBSD/pmax (this is
             also an X11R5pl26 server - see above)

there is one tar.gz file which contains all the files of the XFree86
distribution plus the pmax X11R5 xservers: X11R6.tar.gz

to install them simple get root and change to the /usr directory

  su -
  cd /usr

then unpack it using

  tar xvpzf some_path/X11R6.tar.gz

* add /usr/X11R6/lib to the directories searched by ldconfig and rerun

    echo /usr/X11R6/lib >> /etc/ld.so.conf

* create a symbolic link from the x server you plan to use to X in
  the /usr/X11R6/bin directory:

  - if you have a pmax with an cfb framebuffer

    cd /usr/X11R6/bin
    ln -sf Xcfbpmax X				(OpenBSD/pmax)

  - if you have a pmax with an mfb framebuffer

    cd /usr/X11R6/bin
    ln -sf Xmfbpmax X				(OpenBSD/pmax)

* on the pmax you have to create a symlink from the framebuffer device
  (usually the first - thus fb0) to mouse in the /dev directory:

    cd /dev
    ln -sf fb0 mouse

* if you plan to start xdm from the rc.local file remember to disable
  the getty on the console port

XFree86 version 3.3.1 in this distribution was built by per fogelstrom
(pefo@OpenBSD.org) and the pmax X11R5pl26 x servers were built by
thomas graichen (graichen@OpenBSD.org) ... please contact them if you
have any mips specific problems running x (per for OpenBSD/arc and
OpenBSD/wgrisc and thomas for OpenBSD/pmax)

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