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Airport Extreme Driver README
Owen Stampflee <ostampflee@terrasoftsolutions.com>

Installation instructions
1. Install new kernel and udev
	rpm -ivh kernel-2.6.16-1.ydl.1.ppc.rpm
	rpm -Uvh udev-084-3.ppc.rpm

2. Download and Extract firmware
	The firmware download location is in the FIRMWARE_DOWNLOAD file.
	(please note, this is a third party location, TSS does not distribute the
	 bcm43xx firmware, only points you to it)

	bcm43xx-fwcutter ./wl_apsta.o

	You will now have the following files:
	bcm43xx_initval01.fw  bcm43xx_initval07.fw    bcm43xx_microcode4.fw
	bcm43xx_initval02.fw  bcm43xx_initval08.fw    bcm43xx_microcode5.fw
	bcm43xx_initval03.fw  bcm43xx_initval09.fw    bcm43xx_pcm4.fw
	bcm43xx_initval04.fw  bcm43xx_initval10.fw    bcm43xx_pcm5.fw
	bcm43xx_initval05.fw  bcm43xx_microcode11.fw
	bcm43xx_initval06.fw  bcm43xx_microcode2.fw
	Put them in /lib/firmware

3. Reboot

Usage Instructions

The bcm driver is a tad more difficult to setup than other drivers, and the order is more important.

/sbin/modprobe bcm43xx
/sbin/ip link set eth1 up
/sbin/iwconfig eth1 essid <YOUR ESSID> key <YOUR KEY> channel <YOUR CHANNEL> rate 11M 

You may have to run kwifimanager to get the card to associate with your Access Point.

You can now run dhclient or use ifconfig/route to bring up the network.

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