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Contents of README:
This tree contains a X11R5-hp static server binary from BSD-4.4
X11R5-hp300 distributions.  The remainder of the distribution is
based on the most recent XFree86 sources.

To extract:
	# cat X11R6.tar.gz | (cd /usr; tar xfz - )

After a unpacking the tar file one might remove the '#' (commenting
character) in /etc/rc.local from the statements that would then start
xdm automatically.

The X11R5 binary has the following requirements:

1) It also needs the following files, which have been added to the


2) The fonts in ..lib/X11/fonts need to be uncompressed and fonts.alias
   files must not contain lines with a leading '!'.

3) The ../lib/X11/X0screens file just has to contain the graphical
   display device, i.e. '/dev/grf0'.

These changes where made to the standard XFree86-3.3.1 distribution and
so this X11 should run on any hp300 with a supported grafic board and a
hil ekeyboard/mouse interface.

The server binary is quite dated, and hence is NOT a perfect X11
server.  Some things can make it crash (for instance, it has been
claimed that Xview makes this server crash).

On the other hand it gives at least some graphical user interface for
the good old hp300 machines and resides in a modern XFree86

The X11R5-hp300 server sources can be downloaded from 
These sources are not easily integrated into a current X11 tree.
In the long run someone should take this X11R5 server source and
merge it into the XFree86 sources, so that a more modern server
can be built.

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