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Patches for test versions of Vim - Vi IMproved

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in unstable versions of Vim.  Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence.  This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch.  If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "extra:".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
        patch -p < 6.1a.001
        patch -p0 < 6.1a.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim.  There are no
patches for binaries.

Individual patches for Vim 6.2f BETA:
  3229  6.2f.001  configure check for Ruby didn't work for Ruby 1.8.0
  3717  6.2f.002  output of ":ls" didn't show a buffer with read errors
  6116  6.2f.003  test49 didn't test ":catch" without an argument properly
  2090  6.2f.004  "vim --version" always used CR-LF in the output
  2317  6.2f.005  two error messages didn't have a colon after the number
  3405  6.2f.006  bogus 'file changed' warning while busy saving a file
  3928  6.2f.007  conf. check for vsnprintf didn't work, mult. defined symbols
  6909  6.2f.008  make Aap recipe work with Aap 0.149; update mysign file
  1692  6.2f.009  (extra) dosinst.c compile problem for Borland C 5.0
  2686  6.2f.010  add missing prototypes in if_cscope.c
  2358  6.2f.011  using autoconf 2.5x didn't work
  1819  6.2f.012  ":echoerr" inside try/endtry doesn't work correctly
  1549  6.2f.013  (extra) Macintosh: avoid trigraph warning
  2403  6.2f.014  (extra) Macintosh: pbproj didn't compile ex_eval
  4452  6.2f.015  (extra) Win32: cyg and ming didn't use all dependencies
  1486  6.2f.016  on non-Unix systems "vim --version" did not end in a NL
  1849  6.2f.017  terminal settings wrong when starting Vim in the background
  1809  6.2f.018  Macintosh: avoid OK redefined warnings
  6863  6.2f.019  Macintosh: avoid warnings for COLOR_{BLACK|WHITE} redefine
  3573  6.2f.020  Win32: test50 beeps and produces Unix format file
 15363  6.2f.021  a few --disable configure arguments not handled correctly
  2276  6.2f.022  an invalid value for 'foldmarker' may cause a hang
  2348  6.2f.023  can't find help file when 'helpfile is OK but $VIMRUNTIME not
  3024  6.2f.024  "x" deletes too much if 'deco' set and three composing chars
  1627  6.2f.025  reading from stdin fileformat may not be recognized correctly
  8763  6.2f.026  old composing characters could be displayed on the cmdline
  4467  6.2f.027  compiler warnings for unsigned char pointers
  3988  6.2f.028  various problems with XIM activation
  2514  6.2f.029  wrong use of enum in cscope code
  2274  6.2f.030  (after 6.2f.028) cursor may move up when using XIM
  1586  6.2f.031  crash when listing function argument in debugger
  4426  6.2f.032  autocommands skipped after ":silent!" inside try/endtry
  7513  6.2f.033  cscope duplicate database detection didn't work correctly
 12997  6.2f.034  the netbeans interface can't be used without vsnprintf()
  5298  6.2f.035  on Solaris the netbeans interface needs -lsocket and -lnsl
  1719  6.2f.036  moving leftwards over illegal byte doesn't work properly
  2084  6.2f.037  netbeans doesn't quit prompt after screen redraw
  4417  6.2f.038  patching configure(.in) causes autoconf to run
  2120  6.2f.039  CTRL-W K makes the new top window very high

Individual patches for Vim 6.1b BETA:
  4173  6.1b.001  multi-byte char incorrectly seen as wildcard
  1881  6.1b.002  no error message for a regexp ending in \{
 12765  6.1b.003  (extra) the RISC OS GUI didn't compile
  2736  6.1b.004  col("'>") returned negative number for linewise selection
  8710  6.1b.005  hang when using regexp that runs out of stack
  1670  6.1b.006  entering a composing char in the cmdline has display problem
  2242  6.1b.007  "dis" and "das" may delete one extra character
  2524  6.1b.008  Monk and *.xsl files are not recognized correctly
  2049  6.1b.009  compiling fails when adding eval feature to small version
  3314  6.1b.010  (extra) compiling GvimExt causes warning messages
  4684  6.1b.011  "q" doesn't work at more prompt for confirm()
  4042  6.1b.012  cursor gets stuck on double-wide char when 'sbr' is set
  2353  6.1b.013  local and global user commands unnecessarily ambiguous
  7851  6.1b.014  problems with positioning cursor on EBCDIC systems
  2194  6.1b.015  vimtutor: wrong quote; warning for missing "tempfile"
  2208  6.1b.016  GTK: crash when using a half-valid fontset
  1665  6.1b.017  GUI: A CTRL-G from the shell doesn't always beep
  7590  6.1b.018  may still show typed characters while typing crypt key
  2356  6.1b.019  slowdown in typing search pattern when 'incsearch' is set
  2691  6.1b.020  matchit plugin "%" does not work well in Vim scripts
  1944  6.1b.021  when 'mousefocus' is set ^W^] sometimes does not warp pointer
  1651  6.1b.022  'scrolloff' not obeyed properly for "j" and closed folds
  3610  6.1b.023  may check timestamps while system() is busy
  1538  6.1b.024  (extra) gettext 0.11 complains "sjis" is not a good encoding
  2005  6.1b.025  (extra) Win32: dialog in corner of screen if gvim minimized
  2516  6.1b.026  wrong highlights when 'diffopt' has "iwhite" and not "icase"
  2024  6.1b.027  "vim --remote +" may crash
  1651  6.1b.028  (extra) Win16: can't compile after patch 6.1b.025
  2687  6.1b.029  Win32: writable file in read-only directory disappears
  3080  6.1b.030  (extra) Mac: small mistake in build script and prototypes
  2629  6.1b.031  (extra) Win32: 'guifont' wasn't set after ":set guifont=*"
  2712  6.1b.032  Athena: selectiong color scheme in gvimrc causes a crash
  1897  6.1b.033  a ":s" command with a trailing count may give ml_get errors
  1908  6.1b.034  <C-S-Right> after auto-indent allocates huge amount of memory
  1539  6.1b.035  in evim a double click on a word changes it to "i"

Individual patches for Vim 6.1a BETA:
  6113  6.1a.001  (extra) DOS 32 bit: copy to the clipboard causes a crash
  2851  6.1a.002  GTK: closing confirm("") dialog may hang Vim
  2307  6.1a.003  yanking double-wide char with 'virtualedit' misses a byte
  3122  6.1a.004  (extra) Win32: compile problem for MingW
  2506  6.1a.005  (extra) Win32: ":hardcopy" doesn't work after ":hardcopy!"
  1352  6.1a.006  window title might be wrong after setting 'encoding'
  2067  6.1a.007  filetype detection for *.inc doesn't work
  1339  6.1a.008  (extra) Win32: ACL check doesn't work for network share
  5282  6.1a.009  a \1 used before \@<= or \@<! gives an error message
  2443  6.1a.010  ":help" didn't set the alternate file name
  1546  6.1a.011  GTK: setting 'columns' to an old value may not work properly
  1824  6.1a.012  GTK: using the file selector always gives a full path name
  1682  6.1a.013  case of last char not ignored for "=~word" in 'cinkeys'
  2165  6.1a.014  after patch 6.1a.006 can't compile without the title feature
  1659  6.1a.015  MS-Windows: expanding files with '[' or '{' added backslash
  1301  6.1a.016  completion of ":language" doesn't include "time"
  2302  6.1a.017  mouse moves to wrong column in line that doesn't fit
  1458  6.1a.018  cursor above window with a line that doesn't fit
  1936  6.1a.019  composing characters disappear when moving with "l"
  2170  6.1a.020  GTK: resizing problems after patch 6.1a.011
 50196  6.1a.021  several Syntax menu entries are confusing or wrong
  4866  6.1a.022  on MS-Windows a tags file might be searched twice
  1508  6.1a.023  get "C" characters in the terminal where the GUI is started
  2002  6.1a.024  use CTRL-F for find dialog in evim
  1951  6.1a.025  choices for the fileformat dialog can't be translated
  3875  6.1a.026  Java indenting incorrect for throws, extends and implements
 29220  6.1a.027  Syntax menu missing a few entries
  9753  6.1a.028  XIM: problems with feedback and some input methods
  1348  6.1a.029  GTK: compilation problem after including patch 6.1a.028
  2385  6.1a.030  toupper() and tolower() can't handle double-byte characters
  1590  6.1a.031  variable for 'balloondelay' was an int instead of a long
111296  6.1a.032  (extra) update menus for various languages
  1876  6.1a.033  XIM: doesn't reset input context
 10185  6.1a.034  (extra) Win32: remove check for working ACL, didn't work
  4775  6.1a.035  GUI: ":sh" didn't display multi-byte chars properly
  6347  6.1a.036  GTK GUI: save-yourself event wasn't handled
  2073  6.1a.037  MS-Windows: CTRL-S wasn't used for saving in mswin.vim
  1614  6.1a.038  Solaris: including both sysinfo.h and sysctl.h gives problems
  2883  6.1a.039  not all Visual Basic files were recognized
  2036  6.1a.041  moving the mouse upwards from the cmdline selects all text
  4030  6.1a.042  ":diffput" and "diffget" are long to type, use "dp" and "do"

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