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Contents of README:
	16MB base system image which *I* was usging in 10 days....
	(maybe the files you need are not exist....)

- contents
	README:	 This file
	base.tgz: used file only base.tgz based NetBSD/hpcmips 20000914-1.5
	etc.tgz: used file only etc.tgz based NetBSD/hpcmips 20000914-1.5
	miniimage.gz: filesystem image
		(but dummy configuration, must setup yourself)
	ONCORE: config file for use miniimage

- custamize miniimage
	# gunzip miniimage.gz
	# vnconfig /dev/vnd0 miniimage
	# mount /dev/vnd0c /mnt
	setup your configurations to /mnt/etc/*
	add files you need , delete files you need not..
	# umount /mnt
	# vnconfig -u /dev/vnd0

- make netbsd using miniimage
	config ONCORE and make kernel.
	on NetBSD/hpcmips machine,
	# mdsetimage netbsd miniimage

- run above netbsd kernel file.
	In windows ce, enlarge program memory to max and disable suspend timer.
	run pbsdboot.exe and use this kernel.
	after lerge time, turn to single user mode.
	run sh, and ^D then turn to multi user mode.

- How to make used file only  "base.tgz etc.tgz"
	Install original base.tgz and etc.tgz to CF by installer.
	Use 10 days.
	# find / -type f \! -atime -10 -print > non_use_files
	# tar --delete -f base.tgz -T non_use_files
	# tar --delete -f etc.tgz -T non_use_files

- How to make miniimage
	Install used file only base.tgz and etc.tgz by installer
	archive all files. (used_files.tar.gz)
	# dd if=/dev/zero of=miniimage bs=1024k count=16
	# vnconfig /dev/vnd0 miniimage
	# disklabel -I /dev/rvnd0c
	# newfs /dev/rvnd0c
	# mount /dev/vnd0c /mnt
	# tar xvzf usedfile.tar.gz -C /mnt
	setup your configurations to /mnt/etc/*
	strip --strip-debug all shared library.
	# umount /mnt
	# vnconfig -u /dev/vnd0

- How to make more space...
	change dd bs size.


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