the Spanish-speakers' TeX user's group

1  History, Goals, Membership

CervanTeX, was born as an informal user's group with the name of GUTH (Grupo de Usuarios de TeX hispanohablantes), during the last months of 1993, as an outcome of the discussions on the spanish-tex mailing list and on the USENET newsgroups comp.text.tex and es.eunet.spanish-tex.

In 1994, the aims of the group were then defined as to foster:

In the following years, the group was consolidated, the number of members grew and a more formalised framework was established. Within it, the following tasks were ensued,

In March 1996, José Luis Ruiz, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, proposed CervanTeX as the name of the group, as a homage to the famous spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of ``El Quijote'', and his proposal was accepted unanimously.

At present, CervanTeX is a fully-operating group. The formal constitution as a non-profit organization was made in March this year, and a provisional board was set-up to be composed by Javier Bezos, José Ra Portillo and Juan Luis Varona. We had our first regular general meeting past September (see Section 6) and an election process is now in progress.

CervanTeX is currently formed by 145 members from 17 countries of Europe and America (mainly Spain and Latin America, see Table 1), organised in different workgroups (see Section 2).

Argentina 1
Canada 2
Colombia 3
Costa Rica 1
Chile 3
Eire 1
France 1
Germany 1
Italia 1
Mexico 14
Panama 2
Switzerland 1
Spain 104
United Kingdom 1
U.S.A. 7
Venezuela 2

Table 1: Member of CervanTeX by country

2  Work Groups

There are, at present, the following work groups in CervanTeX:

3  Publications

CervanTeX publishes a bulletin called TeXemplares. The Editor General of the group (at present, Javier Bezos) is also the Editor of this publication. The first issue was distributed in March 99 and the second is in the process of edition.

4  Distributions

Distributions of spanish-TeX are available at the CervanTeX ftp server (see Section 5) for some platforms. Tools (dictionaries, documentation, the proceedings of the first meeting, keyboard settings, etc), specific files (for Babel, hyphenation and some classes and styles translated to spanish), and CervanTeX specific files (constitution act, minutes of the general assembly, etc) can also be found there.

The DANTE edition of a CD with the CTAN contents as of May 1999 has been also distributed for CervanTeX members; for future years, the edition of a CD with the specific tools for spanish-TeX is foreseen.

5  Web, Servers, Discussion lists

CervanTeX has an official web site: http://apolo.us.es/CervanTeX/ maintained by José Ra Portillo hosted in a server property of the Dpto. de Matemática Aplicada I de la Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). This web site is mirrored in the University de Chile (Chile), the I.N.R.I.A. (France), the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico) and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). A complete list of mirrors with links to them is available at the main page of CervanTeX.

The web site contains pages (including lots of links) devoted to:

ftp The Universidad de La Rioja has kindly provided an FTP server for the distribution of CervanTeX related files. This repository can be accessed at ftp://tex.unirioja.es/pub/tex.

A CTAN mirror is available in Spain provided by RedIris and there also is a partial CTAN mirror hosted in a server property of the Universidad de Chile (Chile). Both are linked from the CervanTeX web site.

A mailing discussion list spanish-tex@eunet.es exists. Althought this list is not maintained by CervanTeX, is the main forum of discussion about spanish-TeX. Info about the list is also available on the web pages of CervanTeX.

6  Bursaries, Meetings and Congress, Projects

CervanTeX celebrated its first regular general congress (EGUTH'99) on September 13th-14th at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). The congress included invited talks, contributed papers, round tables and two training sessions, for beginners and advanced users of TeX. The first General Assembly of CervanTeX was held on September 14th.

The second EGUTH will be held in September 2001 in a not yet determined place.

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