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lag2_1601.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 8.6K [IMG] lag2_2001.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 8.6K [IMG] lag2_2101.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 10K [IMG] lag2_2301.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 12K [IMG] lag2_aa01.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 5.5K [IMG] lag2_aa02.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 9.5K [IMG] lag2_ab01.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 13K [IMG] lag2_ab02.jpg 02-Feb-2002 01:50 9.7K [TXT] publicacoes.css 03-Nov-2002 23:26 3.4K [TXT] x-082-2-firewall.attacks.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.4K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.flushing.rules.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.5K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.8K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.ipfwadm.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 28K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.kernel.config.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.5K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.passive.collection.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.7K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.viewing.results.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.8K [TXT] x-087-2-accounting.zeroing.counter.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.4K [TXT] x-087-2-appendix.brewery.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.9K [TXT] x-087-2-appendix.cables.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.4K [TXT] x-087-2-appendix.gpl.es.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 29K [TXT] x-087-2-appendix.gpl.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.2K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.5K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.inetd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.remote.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 28K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.rpc.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.5K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.services.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.1K [TXT] x-087-2-appl.tcpd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x-087-2-cable.plip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.2K [TXT] x-087-2-cable.serial.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.8K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.active.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.6K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.batcher.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 13K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.control.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 10K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.explist.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 12K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.1K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.maint.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.4K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.misc.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.7K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.nfs.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.3K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.rnews.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 7.7K [TXT] x-087-2-cnews.sys.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 14K [TXT] x-087-2-create.subnets.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.5K [TXT] x-087-2-exim.delivery.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 20K [TXT] x-087-2-exim.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 8.3K [TXT] x-087-2-exim.options.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.4K [TXT] x-087-2-exim.queue.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 7.6K [TXT] x-087-2-exim.simple.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.5K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.checkingconf.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.example.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 19K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.filtering.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.1K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.filteringmethods.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.3K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.future.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 32K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.fwchains.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 40K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.howto.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.6K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.introduction.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.7K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.original.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 29K [TXT] x-087-2-firewall.tos.manipulation.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.controladores.slip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.9K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.controllers.ethernet.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.controllers.plip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 11K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.drivers.ethernet.html 07-May-2002 22:16 12K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.drivers.plip.html 07-May-2002 22:16 11K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.drivers.slip.html 07-May-2002 22:16 2.7K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.kernel.config.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 24K [TXT] x-087-2-hardware.other.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.6K [TXT] x-087-2-hwconfig.tour.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.5K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.addresses.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.6K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.binaries.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.8K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.hostname.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.6K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.5K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.ifconfig.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.interface.html 07-May-2002 22:17 35K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.interfaz.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 36K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.netstat.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.procfs.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.2K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.simple-resolv.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.7K [TXT] x-087-2-iface.verify.arp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.4K [TXT] x-087-2-inn.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.8K [TXT] x-087-2-intro.history.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.8K [TXT] x-087-2-intro.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.2K [TXT] x-087-2-intro.outlook.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.5K [TXT] x-087-2-intro.tcpip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 44K [TXT] x-087-2-intro.uucp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.1K [TXT] x-087-2-ipconfig.options.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 17K [TXT] x-087-2-ipmasq.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.3K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.3K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.interfaces.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.kernel.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.4K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.ncpfs.client.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 16K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.ncpfs.printing.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 14K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.ncpfs.server.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.8K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.othertools.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.5K [TXT] x-087-2-ipx.router.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 15K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.arp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.4K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.3K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.icmp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.6K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.interfaces.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.9K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.ip-addresses.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 11K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.resolving.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.8K [TXT] x-087-2-issues.routing.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 22K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.address.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.delivery.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.2K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.elm.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 9.2K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.7K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.message-format.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 11K [TXT] x-087-2-mail.routing.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 23K [TXT] x-087-2-masq.configuration.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 11K [TXT] x-087-2-masq.kernel.config.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.9K [TXT] x-087-2-masq.namelookups.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.2K [TXT] x-087-2-masq.side.effects.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.1K [TXT] x-087-2-news.algorithm.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 11K [TXT] x-087-2-news.history.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.5K [TXT] x-087-2-news.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.7K [TXT] x-087-2-news.usenet.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 7.1K [TXT] x-087-2-newsreaders.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.9K [TXT] x-087-2-newsreaders.nn.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 8.3K [TXT] x-087-2-newsreaders.tin.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.6K [TXT] x-087-2-newsreaders.trn.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 7.5K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.daemons.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.7K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.exports.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 9.8K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.6K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.kernelv2.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.8K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.kernelv3.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.0K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.mountd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x-087-2-nfs.nfsd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.1K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.clients.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.0K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.8K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.nisplus.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.2K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.nsswitch.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 9.6K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.passwd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.securenets.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.7K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.server.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.4K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.shadow.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.9K [TXT] x-087-2-nis.yp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.8K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.access.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.2K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.authorize.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.6K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 9.5K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.interact.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.5K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.nntpd.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.1K [TXT] x-087-2-nntp.protocol.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 20K [TXT] x-087-2-ppp.authentication.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 18K [TXT] x-087-2-ppp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.6K [TXT] x-087-2-ppp.options.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.0K [TXT] x-087-2-resolv.howdnsworks.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 25K [TXT] x-087-2-resolv.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.7K [TXT] x-087-2-resolv.library.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 24K [TXT] x-087-2-resolv.named.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 46K [TXT] x-087-2-sage.app.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.1K [TXT] x-087-2-sendmail.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.7K [TXT] x-087-2-serial-configuration.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 19K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.devices.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.getty.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.hardware.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.4K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.1K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.software.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.0K [TXT] x-087-2-serial.ttys.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.7K [TXT] x-087-2-slip.dip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 23K [TXT] x-087-2-slip.general.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.8K [TXT] x-087-2-slip.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.7K [TXT] x-087-2-slip.operation.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 11K [TXT] x-087-2-slip.server.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x-087-2-submitchanges.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.4K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.config.files.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 52K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.dialin.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 16K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.6K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.intro.grades.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 14K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.misc.faq.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.6K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.permissions.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x-087-2-uucp.protocols.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x25.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 2.7K [TXT] x29.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 22K [TXT] x449.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.6K [TXT] x467.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.4K [TXT] x484.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.8K [TXT] x511.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.7K [TXT] x582.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.7K [TXT] x633.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.4K [TXT] x823.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.0K [TXT] x1424.html 07-May-2002 22:16 10K [TXT] x1434.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 10K [TXT] x1435.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 10K [TXT] x1510.html 07-May-2002 22:16 12K [TXT] x1518.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 13K [TXT] x1519.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 13K [TXT] x6095.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.1K [TXT] x6107.html 07-May-2002 22:17 4.9K [TXT] x6118.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 5.1K [TXT] x6603.html 07-May-2002 22:17 5.7K [TXT] x6610.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.8K [TXT] x6635.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 5.8K [TXT] x6654.html 07-May-2002 22:17 7.3K [TXT] x6661.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.4K [TXT] x6686.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 7.4K [TXT] x6758.html 07-May-2002 22:17 12K [TXT] x6765.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x6790.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 12K [TXT] x7046.html 07-May-2002 22:17 8.1K [TXT] x7053.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 8.4K [TXT] x7078.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 8.4K [TXT] x7115.html 07-May-2002 22:17 5.1K [TXT] x7120.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.2K [TXT] x7147.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 5.2K [TXT] x7333.html 07-May-2002 22:17 3.8K [TXT] x7338.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.9K [TXT] x7365.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 3.9K [TXT] x7368.html 07-May-2002 22:17 16K [TXT] x7373.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 17K [TXT] x7400.html 29-Oct-2002 00:17 17K [TXT] x9981.html 07-May-2002 22:18 3.8K [TXT] x9986.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.0K [TXT] x10013.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 4.0K [TXT] x10756.html 07-May-2002 22:18 12K [TXT] x10799.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 12K [TXT] x10828.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 12K [TXT] x11863.html 07-May-2002 22:18 5.8K [TXT] x11898.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 6.0K [TXT] x11936.html 07-May-2002 22:18 7.6K [TXT] x11941.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 6.0K [TXT] x11971.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.8K [TXT] x12014.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 7.8K [TXT] x14016.html 07-May-2002 22:19 5.5K [TXT] x14051.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.7K [TXT] x14094.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 5.7K [TXT] x14776.html 07-May-2002 22:19 4.1K [TXT] x14797.html 07-May-2002 22:19 5.0K [TXT] x14808.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 4.3K [TXT] x14829.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 5.2K [TXT] x14839.html 07-May-2002 22:19 2.7K [TXT] x14854.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 4.3K [TXT] x14856.html 07-May-2002 22:19 19K [TXT] x14871.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.0K [TXT] x14875.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 5.2K [TXT] x14888.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 22K [TXT] x14917.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 3.0K [TXT] x14934.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 22K [TXT] x15098.html 07-May-2002 22:19 3.1K [TXT] x15118.html 07-May-2002 22:19 19K [TXT] x15138.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 3.3K [TXT] x15158.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 21K [TXT] x15184.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 3.3K [TXT] x15204.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 21K [TXT] x15415.html 07-May-2002 22:19 6.9K [TXT] x15456.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 7.6K [TXT] x15486.html 07-May-2002 22:19 27K [TXT] x15502.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 7.6K [TXT] x15527.html 03-Nov-2002 10:09 32K [TXT] x15573.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 32K [TXT] x15778.html 07-May-2002 22:19 14K [TXT] x15824.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 15K [TXT] x15844.html 07-May-2002 22:19 4.5K [TXT] x15870.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 15K [TXT] x15886.html 07-May-2002 22:19 12K [TXT] x15890.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.8K [TXT] x15932.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 13K [TXT] x15936.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 4.8K [TXT] x15978.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 13K [TXT] x16104.html 07-May-2002 22:19 6.3K [TXT] x16152.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.5K [TXT] x16159.html 07-May-2002 22:19 5.8K [TXT] x16194.html 07-May-2002 22:19 2.8K [TXT] x16198.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 6.5K [TXT] x16207.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 6.0K [TXT] x16242.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.0K [TXT] x16253.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 6.0K [TXT] x16288.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 3.0K [TXT] x16493.html 07-May-2002 22:19 4.8K [TXT] x16541.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.0K [TXT] x16587.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 5.0K [TXT] x16902.html 07-May-2002 22:19 9.4K [TXT] x16948.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 9.6K [TXT] x17006.html 29-Oct-2002 00:18 9.6K [TXT] x18403.html 07-May-2002 22:20 10K [TXT] x18438.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 10K [TXT] x18481.html 07-May-2002 22:20 4.2K [TXT] x18504.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.8K [TXT] x18507.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 10K [TXT] x18518.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.6K [TXT] x18529.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.2K [TXT] x18543.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.9K [TXT] x18544.html 07-May-2002 22:20 53K [TXT] x18568.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.3K [TXT] x18583.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 53K [TXT] x18587.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 4.6K [TXT] x18612.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.9K [TXT] x18637.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.3K [TXT] x18652.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 53K [TXT] x19201.html 07-May-2002 22:20 4.2K [TXT] x19227.html 07-May-2002 22:20 14K [TXT] x19240.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.4K [TXT] x19266.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 14K [TXT] x19309.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 4.4K [TXT] x19335.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 14K [TXT] x19730.html 07-May-2002 22:20 5.5K [TXT] x19770.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.7K [TXT] x19802.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.2K [TXT] x19807.html 07-May-2002 22:20 5.0K [TXT] x19817.html 07-May-2002 22:20 2.7K [TXT] x19821.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.9K [TXT] x19827.html 07-May-2002 22:20 6.8K [TXT] x19841.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 5.7K [TXT] x19842.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.4K [TXT] x19847.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 5.2K [TXT] x19857.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.8K [TXT] x19861.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 4.0K [TXT] x19863.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.1K [TXT] x19867.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 7.0K [TXT] x19868.html 07-May-2002 22:20 2.6K [TXT] x19872.html 07-May-2002 22:20 2.8K [TXT] x19876.html 07-May-2002 22:20 2.6K [TXT] x19879.html 07-May-2002 22:20 2.4K [TXT] x19882.html 07-May-2002 22:20 3.0K [TXT] x19903.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.3K [TXT] x19908.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.7K [TXT] x19912.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.0K [TXT] x19913.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.4K [TXT] x19916.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.7K [TXT] x19918.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 5.2K [TXT] x19919.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 2.5K [TXT] x19922.html 03-Nov-2002 10:10 3.1K [TXT] x19928.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 2.8K [TXT] x19932.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 4.0K [TXT] x19938.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 7.0K [TXT] x19974.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.3K [TXT] x19979.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 2.7K [TXT] x19983.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.0K [TXT] x19987.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 2.7K [TXT] x19990.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 2.5K [TXT] x19993.html 29-Oct-2002 00:19 3.1K

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