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updated: 6 December 2000
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December 1, 2000 -
Announcement : LDP Guide now official textbook for college

Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition is now a textbook!

OpenDocs publishing is pleased to announce that Central Michigan University is using the book " Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat edition" for their course ITC 465. The ITC 465 is a high level course specializing in administrating networks and Linux.

Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition is written from an implementation and " get it done" perspective. It expects you to understand how to use Linux, but it teaches you many things that are not well documented. These include general optimization, immunization of files, and advanced topics (such as FreeS/WAN VPN and the Squid Proxy Server).

The book was written by Gerhard Mourani. It's been the best selling book on Linux Central (http://www.linuxcentral.com/) for over two months.

Securing and Optimizing Linux is also a LDP Guide and can be downloaded here.

Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition can be purchased from a variety of book stores. The ISBN is 0970033001. The book is known to be stocked at the following locations:  Linux Central,   FatBrain,   Barnes and Noble,   and LinuxPorts.Com

As always; a portion of the proceeds go to the Open Source Documentation Fund.

November 17, 2000 -
Announcement: New listserver

The LDP is happy to announce a new listserver, which extends our services with almost sure spam elimination, web archive, on-line searching, and very fast delivery. Thanks to Ibibilo.org for a dedicated machine and network. Thanks to Debian for maintaining our lists up to this point.

We have made the following e-lists on our server; subscription is open for all of them (to subscribe, click on the link for each and remove ".NOSPAM" prior to sending or see the instructions below):

We wish to stress that these lists are for the discussion of issues related to the LDP.
For questions of a general Linux nature, see the information posted here.

  1. discuss@linuxdoc.org - general discussion list
    parameters: subscribers post only, please subscribe before posting.

  2. docbook@linuxdoc.org - DocBook (SGML) and document publishing related problems
    parameters: subscribers post only, please subscribe before posting

  3. announce@linuxdoc.org - major announcements and document updates posted
    parameters: a low volume list; only LDP staff can post. If you wish to announce something important, please mail your proposal to someone from the LDP staff first. Their email addresses are available from the volunteers list.

  4. cvs-commits@linuxdoc.org - commits to our CVS repository
    parameters: only cvs server can post. More information can be found in the LDP Author Guide: CVS.

  5. submit@linuxdoc.org - general (document) submits address; list designed for one-way communication from authors to LDP staff for submission of new or updated document (but anyone can subscribe). Remember that we prefer CVS for new submits, followed by a message to submit@linuxdoc.org!
    parameters: everyone can post, so list volume is not known; spam is possible.

Because our new server checks the exact sender of a message (to prevent spam), you need to (re-)subscribe to these lists as "yourself" (from the mail account you will post or receive from).

Important: the old server/lists will work only until 15th December 2000!

To subscribe, send an empty message to: <list-name>-subscribe@linuxdoc.org (eg. announce-subscribe@linuxdoc.org) or click on the links provided above.

Each list is archived in two forms: text files (accessible by e-mail), and from http://list.linuxdoc.org/ (with a mysql-driven searchable archive). Listserver commands are available by sending an empty message to <list-name>-help@linuxdoc.org (eg. announce-help@linuxdoc.org).

If you have any questions, please e-mail our listmaster: ser@linuxdoc.org.