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The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is working on developing good, reliable documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in taking care of all of the issues of Linux documentation, ranging from online documentation (man pages, HTML, and so on) to printed manuals covering topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. Here is the Linux Documentation Project Manifesto and Copyright License for LDP works.

For translations of LDP works and documentation in languages other than English, have a look at the "Non-English Linux Info" links page.

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Linux Documentation Project Guides:

  • Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition

    version: 1.3
    author(s): Gerhard Mourani, <>
    last update: June, 2000
    available formats:
    1. PDF (4MB)
    2. Example server configuration files (tar file; described in book as "floppy.tgz").

    This book addresses unanswered questions about Linux security and optimization in the marketplace. It is intended for a technical audience and discusses how to install a Red Hat Linux Server with all the necessary security and optimization for a high performance Linux-specific machine. It covers (in detail) several ways to configure security and optimization.

    Due to a many requests from Linux users, this update includes: a backup section, firewall security approach, Sendmail section, Kernel security and improvement, FTP chrooted configuration and many other changes. This document is indispensable for people that want to get all the advantages, security, and the optimization out of a Linux Server.

    Additional changes to this version include- OpenSSH has been added, Sendmail 8.10.1, the book is now compatible with Red Hat Linux 6.2. The firewall rules has been reviewed for easy use, more securities tips added, and how to use the new "sysctl.conf" file of RH 6.2.

    More information:

    This book can be purchased from bookstores, more information can be found here.

  • Antares-RAID-sparcLinux HOWTO

    version: 0.1
    author(s): Thom Coates, <>
    Carl Munio
    Jim Ludemann
    last update: April, 2000
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 196k)
    3. other : DVI, SGML, Lyx source, and PostScript.

    A "guide-like" HOWTO which describes how to install, configure, and maintain a hardware RAID built around the 5070 SBUS host based RAID controller by Antares Microsystems. Other topics of discussion include RAID levels, the 5070 controller GUI, and 5070 command line. A complete command reference for the 5070's K9 kernel and Bourne-like shell is included.

  • Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition

    version: 0.3.0
    author(s): Paul Sheer, <>
    last update: March, 2000
    available formats:
    1. PDF
    2. PostScript (tarred and gzipped, 1.3MB)
    3. Rute package (LaTeX, PostScript, DVI; tarred and gzipped, 2.3MB)

    Rute is a beginners guide to Linux and Unix-like systems. It is designed as a dependency consistent tutorial document. This means you can (and should) read it from beginning to end in consecutive order. Rute also satisfies the requirements for course notes for a Linux training course.

    An online HTML copy is available from the Rute home site.

    Rute has been a year in the writing and is now about two thirds complete.

  • Linux Administrator's Security Guide

    version: 1.0
    author(s): Kurt Seifried, <>
    last update: January, 2000
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 167k)

    To quote from the book: "Remember: security is not a solution; it is a way of life".

    More information:

  • Linux System Administration Made Easy

    version: "moderate beta"
    author(s): Steve Frampton
    last update: November 1999
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 118k)
    3. other : PDF, PostScript, text, and SGML source

    The Linux Administration Made Easy (LAME) guide attempts to describe day-to-day administration and maintenance issues commonly faced by Linux system administrators.

    This book can be purchased from bookstores, more information can be found here.

  • Linux + Windows HOWTO

    version: 0.1.0
    author(s): Jonathan Katz, <>
    Dr. Robert J. Meier, <>
    last update: November, 1999
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 32k)
    3. PDF

    A "guide-like" HOWTO aimed at assisting those who wish to use the features of both Windows and Linux on the same host. This document is written in such a way as to address the needs of a variety of different users.

  • The Linux System Administrators' Guide

    version: 0.6.2
    author(s): Lars Wirzenius and Joanna Oja
    last update: October 1999
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 118k)
    3. other : PDF, PostScript, and LaTeX source
    4. various (non-English) translations

    This is the third book in the main LDP series, and assumes knowledge of everything in the Installation and Users' Guides. It will cover all of the aspects of keeping the system running, handling user accounts, backups, configuration of the system, installing and upgrading software, and more. Whereas some of this information is in the Installation Guide (just to get the system off the ground) this book should be much more complete.

    Also visit the System Administrators' Guide Homepage.

  • The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

    version: 1.1.0
    author(s): Ori Pomerantz
    last update: May 1999
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 67k)
    3. other : DVI, PDF, PostScript, and LaTeX source.
    4. Example source code is also available.

    This document is for people who want to write kernel modules.

  • Installation and Getting Started Guide

    version: 3.2
    author(s): Matt Welsh and others
    last update: March 1998
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 836k)
    3. other : HTML (zipped), DVI, PDF (gzipped / zipped), PostScript (gzipped / zipped), and LaTeX source.
    4. various (non-English) translations

    This book is for personal computer users who want to install and use Linux. The book assumes that you have basic knowledge about personal computers and operating systems like MS-DOS, but no previous knowledge of Linux or UNIX.

  • The Linux Kernel

    version: 0.8-3
    author(s): David A. Rusling
    last update: January 1998
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 376k)
    3. other : DVI, PostScript (gzipped), and LaTeX source.

    The kernel is at the heart of the operating system. This book is a guide to how the kernel fits together, how it works; a tour of the kernel.

  • The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide

    version: not available
    author(s): Michael K. Johnson
    last update: August 1998
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 468k)

    This is an archived instance, complete with discussion threads (no posting or replying however)

    older, unmaintained, but still pertinent guides:

  • The Linux Network Administrators' Guide

    version: 1.0
    author(s): Olaf Kirch
    last update: March 1996
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 332k)
    3. other : plain text, DVI, LaTeX source, PDF, and PostScript.
    4. various (non-English) translations

    This guide supplements the System Administrators' Guide and cover all of the diverse issues of networking under Linux, from UUCP to serial connections to TCP/IP. Many Linux users won't have access to such a network, so this information is in a separate manual. It contains an intro to TCP/IP and UUCP (for those who have never used such networks before, lots of background information), TCP/IP, UUCP, SLIP, and DNS configuration, configuration of mail systems such as sendmail and Smail, setting up NNTP and news, and NFS.

  • The Linux Programmer's Guide

    version: 0.4
    author(s): B. Scott Burkett, Sven Goldt, John D. Harper, Sven van der Meer and Matt Welsh
    last update: March 1996
    available formats:
    1. HTML
    2. HTML (tarred and gzipped, 140k)
    3. other : DVI, LaTeX source, PDF and PostScript.
    4. Example source code is also available.
    5. various (non-English) translations

    The Linux Programmer's Guide is meant to do what the name implies -- It is to help Linux programmers understand the peculiarities of Linux. By its nature, this also means that it should be useful when porting programs from other operating systems to Linux. Therefore, this guide must describe the system calls and the major kernel changes which have effects on older programs like serial I/O and networking.

  • The Linux Users' Guide

    version: beta-1
    author(s): Larry Greenfield
    last update: December 1996
    available formats:
    1. other : DVI, PDF (gzipped / zipped), PostScript (gzipped / zipped), and LaTeX source
    2. various (non-English) translations

    This book covers all of the user-end aspects of Linux, from sitting down at the first login session to using complex tools such as gcc, emacs, and so on. It assumes no previous Unix experience, so not only will it serve as an introduction to Linux, but to Unix in general as well. This manual won't cover system administrator tasks (i.e. anything that needs to be done as root) - it's for the J. Random User who has a working Linux system sitting in front of them.

Translated Guides

Below is a table of translated guides that are available from    Additional translations of LDP works and translated documentation not listed here may be found on the "Non-English Linux Info" page.

de en es fr it ja pl pt ru sl
Install Guide   EN es           ru sl
Kernel Hackers Guide   EN                
Linux Kernel   EN                
Linux Schulung DE                  
Module Programming Guide   EN                
Network Guide   EN es              
Programmers Guide   EN es              
System Administration Guide   EN   fr it     pt    
Users Guide   EN es   it          

de = German, en = English, es = Spanish, fr = French, it = Italian, ja = Japanese,
pl = Polish, pt = Portuguese, ru = Russian, sl = Slovenian

Uppercase letters indicate that this is the document's original language.

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