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April 27, 2000

DNS change has been completed. We have quite a few new and updated documents; see "Latest Document Updates" for a list of HOWTOs modified over the last month.

The "HOWTO-HOWTO" by Mark Komarinski has been updated. This document "lists the tools, procedures, and hints to get HOWTO authors up to speed and writing".

April 20, 2000

We are currently going through a DNS change that may make some documents unavailable temporarily. Sorry for the inconvience.

March 31, 2000

LDP Authors Published

LDP Authors, Dr. P. Gortmaker, David S. Lawyer, Rob Clark, Jeff Tranter, Joshua D. Drake, David A. Ranch and Ambrose Au have been published in the McGraw Hill book, Linux Desktop Starter Kit by John Lathrop.

March 22, 2000

Administrating Linux: The Basics - Now Shipping

Administrating Linux: The Basics, is a compilation of several of the Linux Documentation Project HOWTOs. This 550+ page book covers information on the basics of Networking, the Internet, Unix/Linux, and Installing & Administrating Linux. It is a perfect deskside companion to any person wanting vital information on the successful use of Linux.

A portion of the proceeds of this book are donated from OpenDocs, LLC. back to select OpenSource projects. To purchase this book please visit OpenDocs for a list of online merchants carrying the books.

March 14, 2000

The problem with the PDF HOWTOs has been corrected (out-of-order table of contents entries, etc.). PDF copies of the mini HOWTOs are now available.

HOWTOs have been processed. The HOWTO Index now includes the title, date of the last update, and a brief description for each (full and mini) HOWTO.

March 6, 2000

Jorge Godoy (godoy@conectiva.com) has prepared the "Using DocBook HOWTO". This is an excellent resource for both authors that are beginning to use DocBook SGML, or those that are already well-versed in its usage.

Jorge is in the process of developing this document, and invites you to provide feedback (please provide feedback directly to him).