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Upcoming Linux and Linux-related Events:

New Links:

NEW! [98/02/17] -- GroundZero, a new repository of hundreds of rapidly updated cutting edge GNU/Linux programs.

NEW! [98/02/17] -- Linux/Microcontroller, a porting effort to get Linux running on PalmPilots and SuperPilots.

NEW! [98/02/17] -- LDescent, a Linux Descent port.

NEW! [98/02/17] -- Comanche, a a graphical user interface for the Apache webserver.

NEW! [98/02/17] -- Zinux, a French online magazine.

NEW! [98/02/09] -- The Linux User Community wins InfoWorld's 1997 Best Technical Support Award and Red Hat 5.0 wins 1997 Product of the Year in the Operating Systems category.

NEW! [98/01/30] -- Linux Weekly News, a new Linux news page.

NEW! [98/01/30] -- Freed Software Winning Support, Making Waves, a recent article in Wired reports onthe Free Software revolution.

NEW! [98/01/30] -- MI/X, a free X Server for Windows and Macintosh.

NEW! [98/01/30] -- HFS for Linux, implements the Apple Macintosh HFS (Hierarchical File System).

NEW! [98/01/30] -- Casbah, a scripting and web development environment.

NEW! [98/01/28] -- IPv6 information and Linux-specific instructions.

NEW! [98/01/26] -- Package and Resource Database (PARD), a Linux software database.

NEW! [98/01/26] -- Stampede Linux a new Linux distribution.

NEW! [98/01/26] -- Red Hat Advanced Development Labs (RHAD Labs), this division of Red Hat Software will act as an independent development group focusing on the accessibility and usability of free software, such as Linux.

NEW! [98/01/26] -- The Linux Quake Resource, all about Quake for Linux.

NEW! [98/01/26] -- Basic Linux Training, a brief and very basic introduction to the Linux operating system is being taught online from Monday, 19 January through Friday, 12 March.

NEW! [98/01/23] -- The Linux Network Management Pages, have some interesting information about network management with Linux.

NEW! [98/01/23] -- Pŕgina principal de GLUB, has lots of information (Spanish).

General Linux Information

General and introductory Linux information.


Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is working on developing good, reliable documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in taking care of all of the issues of Linux documentation, ranging from online documentation (man pages, HTML, and so on) to printed manuals covering topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. Here is the Linux Documentation Project Manifesto and Copyright License for LDP works.

You can search the LDP Guides and HOWTOs with the Excite Search Engine, and search the the man pages (fully cross-referenced!) too.

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