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Upcoming Linux and Linux-related Events:

New Links:

NEW! [97/12/10] -- Linux Penguin Sticker Movement, all about making Linux stickers.

NEW! [97/11/30] -- Designed With Linux, a project to create a list of products and services produced entirely with Linux.

NEW! [97/11/30] -- Knights of the System Table, an unbiased OS online magazine (includes Linux-related articles).

NEW! [97/11/30] -- SCO's letter to Linux users, from November 7, 1997 sinks to mud-slinging levels.

NEW! [97/11/30] -- The Linux Maintenance Project, home of the v2.0 kernel maintenance team.

NEW! [97/11/19] -- An As-Yet-Unnamed OCR Project, a project to produce a freeware OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application for Unix platforms.

NEW! [97/11/19] -- System Optimization Information, a PC hardware information site. Some of it is very Windows-specific, but it still has a lot of useful information for Linux users.

NEW! [97/11/16] -- Web browsers for Linux, lists production and development web browsers.

NEW! [97/11/16] -- The Linux Manual (Portuguese).

UPDATED! [97/11/14] -- The Linux IP Masquerade Resource page has a new home.

NEW! [97/11/14] -- Linux 2.x Bank, has several Linux links, along with searchable newsgroup archives.

NEW! [97/11/14] -- OS Holy Wars, a recent article in InternetWeek tests web server platforms, including Linux.

NEW! [97/11/14] -- Linux Joliet CDROM Support, allows you to read Microsoft extensions to the ISO 9660 filesystem.

NEW! [97/11/13] -- The Linux Lab Project (LLP), a project to help people with development of data collection and process control software for Linux.

NEW! [97/11/13] -- InxUtil, has Linux information on Informix Tools, and an interview with Linus Torvalds.

NEW! [97/11/13] -- Linux Book Reviews.

NEW! [97/11/13] -- The Debian Linux User's Guide, available free online from Linux Press.

NEW! [97/11/13] -- Information about the Intel Pentium Processor invalid instruction, also known as the "F00F" bug. The problem is fixed in Linux 2.1.63 and should be available in a 2.0.3x version soon.

NEW! [97/11/04] -- Arminius: SCI Coupled Linux-PC's.

NEW! [97/11/04] -- Topcat, a Beowulf class supercomputer project at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

NEW! [97/11/04] -- Australian Personal Computer has a number of Linux-related articles in the November 1997 edition.

NEW! [97/11/04] -- Linux Banners, advertising-style web banners for Linux, with advocay, logo and graphics links.

NEW! [97/11/04] -- Corel readies NCs, a recent article in InfoWorld, mentions that Corel is using Linux as the OS for it's new network computers.


General Linux Information

General and introductory Linux information.


Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is working on developing good, reliable documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in taking care of all of the issues of Linux documentation, ranging from online documentation (man pages, HTML, and so on) to printed manuals covering topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. Here is the Linux Documentation Project Manifesto and Copyright License for LDP works.

You can search the LDP Guides and HOWTOs with the Excite Search Engine, and search the the man pages (fully cross-referenced!) too.

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