1. Unpack the zip file en place the Openfietsmap(DBNL) folder to a location of your choice, e.g. C:\Garmin\Maps\OpenFietsMap(DBNL). Existing files from a previous version can be overwritten.

  2. Run install.exe to install the map for Mapsource/Basecamp.

Mac OSX (gmap format)

  1. Mac OSX: Download the OFM_DE_BNL(dd-mm-yyyy_gmap).zip file and unpack it. Doubleclick the folder "OFM_DBNL.gmap" to run Garmins Mapmanager, or open Garmin Mapmanager and locate the "OFM_DBNL.gmap" folder to install the map.

  2. Windows: Download the OFM_DE_BNL(dd-mm-yyyy_gmap).zip file and unpack it. Move the folder "OFM_DBNL.gmap" to the default Garmin directory. This default directory can vary between Windows versions, C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps or C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Maps (hidden system folder). On older pc's it is c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\garmin\maps (Win XP). Javawa's GMTK is recommended tool to install the gmap maps.


  1. Unpack the OFM_DE_BNL(gmapsupp_xx-xx-201x).zip file and copy the gmapsupp.img file to a Garmin folder onto a micro SD card e.g. G:\Garmin\gmapsupp.img

  2. On most modern GPS units gmapsupp.img can be renamed into xxxx.img

  3. Don't copy the OFM Benelux version together with the combination Germany+Benelux on the same SD card or internal memory, this will make the Benelux map invisible.

  4. Don't copy several versions of OFM DE_BNL on the same SD card or internal memory, this will make the Germany map invisible.

Map Settings

Routing in Mapsource:

  • Vehicle:Bicycle, calculation shorter distance or faster time (cycleroutes preferred).

  • Routing preference for cycle routes: Use 'Avoid Toll roads'option or set the road selection slider to highways

  • Avoid unpaved: no routing on tracks, steps and unpaved (foot)paths, except gravel bike path. Also roads paved with cobblestones are avoided.

  • Vehicle:motorcar/motorcycle (suitable for racing bikes, velomobile). Routing on paved roads only, avoids unpaved tracks, paths or gravel bike paths. Not suitable for car navigation

  • Vehicle:Pedestrian to ignore oneway traffic.

Routing in Basecamp

  • Select actvity profile on Automotive or Bicycling (please note that this last option will avoid all unpaved roads)

  • Calculation: faster time (cycle routes) or shorter distance

  • Road type avoidance: Never avoid major highways because the cycleways are the major highways!

  • Toll roads avoidance will route on bike routes only (NOT available in the cycling activitiy modes!)

  • Vehicle:Pedestrian to ignore oneway traffic.

Routing on a GPS:

  • Make sure other routable maps on the device are switched OFF (except Basemaps)

  • Vehicle:Bicycle, calculation shorter distance. Shorter time will choose bike routes.

  • Vehicle Car: longer route calculation, but only on paved roads (suitable for racing bikes, not suitable for car navigation).

  • Don't avoid HIGHWAYS because the cycleroutes and cycleways are the main highways.

  • Pedestrian mode routes faster and over longer distances (>100km); ignores oneways (better in cities)

  • If routing via adress search doesn't work, routing via pointing on the map works maybe better.

  • Toll roads and unpaved see above


  • Address search is experimental. Entering a (random) house number is needed on some GPS devices

  • If address search fails use the map and point to an address (address search fails if an adress is on a road where cycling is not allowed)

  • Cycling nodes: use City search or Other> Communication

  • Bike shops: Auto services->Auto repair

  • Steep hills (inclines): Other (Repair service)

See for more info Tips & Tricks