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Installation on a pc (Mapsource/Basecamp for Windows)

(Mac OSX users need to download OpenFietsMap(gmap).zip and install it with Garmin's MapInstall / MapManager for the Mac).

Unzip the files to a random place on your hard disk and run setup.exe. Make sure Mapsource and/or Basecamp is installed but not active. Previous versions will be uninstalled automatically. The map tiles will be extracted from the gmapsupp.img file: this file must be in the same folder as setup.exe

Double clicking on gmapsupp image file has no effect because Windows sees this as an CD image and wants to burn a CD.

If you have problems with the installation Javawa GMTK might help to find a solution.

Installation on a GPS:

Routing in Mapsource:

Routing in Basecamp

Routing on a GPS:


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