OFM Hiking Layer Benelux

This is a transparent layer with OSM  hiking route relations from the Benelux.

Installation (Windows)
Mac OSX / gmap

For installation you need Javawa's Mapconverter. Download / install Javawa's Mapconverter drag the OFM_hike.zip file on this tool.
The tool will take care of the installation.

In Windows the map is converted and installed in one of these folders (depends on Windows version):
You can simply remove the map from those folders to uninstall it.


Download the gmapsupp.zip and unpack it.  Copy the file 'gmapsupp.img' in a garmin folder onto (micro)SD card or internal GPS memory. 
On most modern GPS devices you can rename 'gmapsupp.img'  eg OFM_hike.img to use other mapsets like OFM Benelux.
Older devices (old Etrex  series, GPSMAP 60, Edge 600/700 series)  can only contain one gmapsupp.img
In order to combine the hiking layer with a background map you need to send them to your GPS with Mapsource or Basecamp's Mapinstaller.