Index of /public/ftp/pub/linux/apps

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
MGR/                     MGR window manager, a smaller alternative to X
appliance/               household appliance control
assessment/              Situation Assessment packages
auction/                 software for monitoring auctions, such as ebay
cai/                     educational and computer-aided instruction software
cd-dvd/                  Software related to burning CD's and DVD's, and authoring DVD's, or ripping CD's and DVD's
chinese/                 Chinese-language tools
circuits/                tools for electronic-circuit design
conferencing/            tools for conferencing and groupwork
crypto/                  cryptographic software
database/                databases engines and tools
doctools/                tools for maintaining and browsing on-line documentation
editors/                 text, program, and special-purpose editors
financial/               financial applications including spreadsheets
graphics/                graphics tools and demos
ham/                     tools for ham-radio enthusiasts
math/                    mathematics applications
misc/                    applications that don't fit any of the other categories
office/                  Office suites
religion/                applications with a religious bent
reminder/                reminder, calendar, rolodex, and memo programs
serialcomm/              non-TCP/IP communications tools for RS232 serial lines
sound/                   support for audio
tex/                     the TeX technical-typesetting system
tv-videoBroadcast/       resources for implementing linux tv and digital video broadcast
video/                   support for video
wp/                      tools for word processing and typesetting
www/                     WWW tools
mjpegtools_yuv_to_v4l-0.2.tgz mjpegtools_yuv_to_v4l Converts mjpegtools YUV format to v4l.
pantelmail-0.1.tgz       A simple program to send a text file as email.
ptlrc-0.5.tgz            terminal program for use with PIC projects

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