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cora-3.0.tar.gz          Cora is an interactive line fitting tool designed for emission line spectra with low count numbers.
gax-1.0.tar.gz           Gax is a set of programs that allows creation of custom
god.tar.gz               simulates n-body problem in 2d or 3d space
nightfall-1.0.tar.gz     Eclipsing binary star simulation program
nightfall-1.32.tar.gz    Eclipsing binary star simulation program
velocity-1.3.tar.gz      velocity is a program to compute radial velocity curves for spectroscopic binary stars
xephem-3.0.tar.gz        interactive astronomical ephemeris program
xgrav101.linux.tar.gz    simulates gravitational interactions
xvmoontool-3.1.tar.gz    display information about the moon in real time.

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