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rplay 3.2.0beta README
Copyright (C) 1993-96 Mark Boyns <boyns@sdsu.edu>

RPlay is a flexible network audio system that allows sounds to be
played to and from local and remote Unix systems.  The RPlay audio server
currently supports SunOS 4.1.X, Solaris 2.X, Linux, FreeBSD, SGI IRIX
4 & 5, HP9000/705, and HP9000/710.  The RPlay clients and client
library should work on any system that supports Berkeley sockets.  The
X Window System and XForms are required if you want to use xrplay.

See the COPYING file for license information.
See the INSTALL file for compilation and installation instructions.
See the NEWS file for a list of user-visible changes.
See the PORTING file for help with porting RPlay to other systems.
See the TODO file to find out what may be fixed/changed/implemented.

This distribution includes:

rplayd - The rplay audio server.

rplay - A sample RPLAY and RPTP client.

rptp - A sample RPTP client.

xrplay - A X Windows/XForms RPlay audio control panel.

librplay - A library used by RPlay clients to speak with RPlay servers.
           Supports both RPLAY and RPTP protocols.

doc - RPlay documentation.

contrib - More RPlay applications, pointers to programs that support RPlay,
          and patches which add RPlay support to several programs.

There's a mailing list you can subscribe to by sending e-mail to
`rplay-request@sdsu.edu' containing a line similar to:

subscribe username@hostname

where username@hostname is your preferred email address.  Mailing list
submissions should be sent to `rplay@sdsu.edu'.

Send suggestions and bug reports to Mark Boyns <boyns@sdsu.edu>.
Remember to always include the rplay version and system type in your

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