Take Control of your Desktop!

Freedom Softwarepresents Freedom Desktop Lite !

  • What is Freedom Desktop Lite ?
  • What is Freedom Desktop ?
  • Freedom Desktop for Motif is an easy-to-use yet powerful desktop
    manager/GUI integrated to the Unix environment. Freedom is very
    similar in look and feel to the popular Microsoft windows and Apple
    interfaces. It also combines ease of use and advanced features to help
    users interact with Unix quickly and efficiently. Freedom Desktop
    releases users from the complexities of Unix giving them more
    Freedom to get things done!

  • Desktop applications

  • Contributing to the Freedom Desktop Lite environment

  • Downloading Freedom Desktop Lite
  • ftp fsw.com
    cd pub/fdlite
    get freedomlite.tar.Z
  • Installation procedure

  • Please email comments and suggestions to support@freedom.lm.com