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Contents of README:

   This directory contains all of the files required for Silicon Graphics
Real Time Programming Course.  The directories and files contained within

   - README			This file.

   - Release_Notes		This directory contains a document breifly
				  describing the changes from the Irix 5.2
				  to 5.3 versions.

   - marketing_materials	This directory contains the data sheet for
				  the course in FrameMaker and PostScript

   - dist			This directory contains an inst-able image
				  of the course labs.

   - build			This director contains the idb and spec files
				  for building the inst-able image.

   - labs			This directory contains the source code for
				  the labs, answers and examples.

   - ps_files			This directory contains the following sub-

	- instructor_manual	PostScript version of the instructor manual
	- student_manual	PostScript version of the student manual

   - instructor_manual		FrameMaker version of the instructor manual

   - student_manual		FrameMaker version of the student manual

   The chapters which compose the Parallel Programming class are ( in order )

	01) student_title_pages.ps
	02) rt-5.3TOC.ps
	03) RT:Intro.ps
	04) RT:System_Overview.ps
	05) RT:Concepts.ps
	06) RT:REACT_Features.ps
	07) RT:REACT_Examples.ps
	08) RT:Multiprocessing.ps
	09) RT:FrameScheduler.ps
	10) RT:Multichassis.ps
	11) RT:Graphics.ps
	12) RT:Progperf_timing.ps
	13) RT:Progperf_cpu.ps
	14) RT:Progperf_memory.ps
	15) RT:Progperf_io.ps
	16) RT:Progperf_graphics.ps
	17) RT:Sysperf_intro.ps
	18) RT:Sysperf_analysis.ps
	19) RT:Sysperf_tuning.ps
	20) RT:F77_Source.ps
	21) rt-5.3GLOSS.ps
	22) rt-5.3BIB.ps

   There is a FrameMaker book, 'rt-5.3.book', which should contain these
files in the above order.

   Since the Real Time Programming class does not contain all parts of a
standard course distribution, the following directories are not present:

   - errata			The errata are currently incorporated in
				  the release notes.

   - answer			The answers to the labs are incorportated
				  into the labs directory.

   - examples 			The examples are incorportated into the labs

   - data			There is not external data required for the

   - demos			There are no demos presented in class.

   - lab_manual			There is not separate lab manual for this
				  class.  The labs are part of the student

   - presentation		There is no Showcase version of the

   - reference_materials	There are no additional reference materials
				  provided with the class.

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