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                   Three-D Athena Widgets (Xaw3d)
                          Kaleb S. KEITHLEY


  This is Release 1.2 (16 August, 1995) of a set of 3-D widgets based on the 
  R6 Athena Widget set.  The Three-D Athena may be used as a general 
  replacement for the Athena (Xaw) Widget set.

  In general, you may relink almost any Athena Widget based application with 
  the Three-D Athena Widget set and obtain a three dimensional appearance on
  some of the widgets. On systems with shared libraries, you may be able to
  replace your shared libXaw with libXaw3d and obtain the three dimensional 
  appearance without even relinking.

  Top and bottom shadow colors, shadow width, top and bottom shadow contrast
  should be self explanatory, and may be set via the usual and customary 
  methods, e.g. app-defaults, .Xdefaults, programmatically, with editres, 
  etc.  The user data resource may be used to "hang" application specific 
  data on a widget, and is only settable programmatically.

The following changes were made in this release:

    o Addition of jump_funcs, jump_ignore, and jump_vars files and
      support in the Imakefile for building shared libraries on Linux.

    o Some minor bug fixes.

Known problems:

    o You may not be be able to replace shared libXaw with libXaw3d on 
      systems with SVR3 style shared libraries.

    o Xaw3d pixel allocation doesn't behave well when beNiceToColormap
      is False and the Default Colormap is full.

    o The samples in Layout.h are wrong and don't work.  Example programs
      written by Keith Packard that use the Layout widget are available
      on export in /R5contrib/Layout.tar.Z

    o If you subclass Athena's Simple or Sme classes, or subclasses
      thereof, then there's a definite chance that Xaw3d isn't source 
      code compatible with your widgets. Sorry. I have no plans to fix 


    Linux. I don't have much to say about Linux except to wonder why
    you aren't using FreeBSD instead.

    In what seems to be typical Linux style there seem to be at least 
    one unofficial variation of Xaw3d with "enhancements" and bug 

    There's only one official version of Xaw3d source, and that's the 
    one on ftp.x.org and its mirrors. I don't mind that people fix bugs 
    or make enhancements for their own use, that's what freely 
    redistributable source is all about. 

    If you're using either the library and headers in:
    or a library built from the hacked sources in:
    and you have problems, don't tell me about it, tell Dimitri

    To build on Linux you need X11R6 patched through fix-11 or
    fix-12, or XFree86 3.1.1 or 3.1.2. The Imakefile (and the 
    Makefile generated by it) does work on a 1.1.59 (a.out) system 
    and a 1.2.11 ELF system. I no longer have access to an a.out
    Linux system so I am unable to provide a shared library. Since
    building shared libraries on Linux/ELF is so easy I'll leave
    that as an exercise to the reader.


    o The source is really really really really (are you getting the 
      hint?) intended to be built inside an R6 source tree. You might 
      be able to build it outside the source tree, but if you try, you're 
      on your own. It's hard enough to find time to put out these releases, 
      I don't have time for handholding if you choose to disregard this 
      advice. If you don't have a source tree, for whatever reason, plan 
      on using binaries built by someone else. I'm sorry, that's just the 
      way it has to be. 

      Some people have written to me and told me that if you add the
      following line to the Imakefile:


      then you can build it anywhere you want, i.e. outside the R6 source 
      tree. If this works for you, great. If not, sorry. See above.

    o Many people have written to me with enhancements and bug fixes.
      If your enhancement or bug fix didn't make it into this release
      then please understand that I'm very busy with other work and I 
      have very little time to devote to Xaw3d. Your enhancement may 
      appear in some future release. Again, I'm sorry, but that's just 
      the way it has to be.


      A comment that appears in the xterm source:
         * ...There be serious and nasty dragons here.

      xterm is, well, xterm.  The auto-scroll in the arrow-style scrollbar 
      doesn't work in xterm because it relies on XtTimeouts.  xterm, perhaps 
      in the name of speed, circumvents XtAppNextEvent() and goes direct to 
      XNextEvent() to get it's XEvents, with the unfortunate side effect of 
      completely ignoring "other sources" like timeouts.  At this time I
      do not have a patch to fix the R6 xterm. There is a patch to the R5 
      xterm on ftp://ftp.x.org/contrib/widgets/Xaw3d/R5. It shouldn't be 
      hard to integrate it into the R6 sources.


  Xaw3d may be found on:


  and mirror sites around the world. 


  Untar the distribution from the base of your X Consortium source tree
  with the command:

    'gunzip -c Xaw3d-1.2.tar.gz | tar xpf -'

  This will create the directory .../xc/lib/Xaw3d.  'cd' there and..

  If building on SunOS 4 with the bundled compiler or any other machine
  with a non-ANSI C compiler:

    'rm laylex.c; make laylex.c'  Proceed to the next step...

  Otherwise just enter the following commands:

    'make Makefile; make includes; make depend; make; make install'.  

  The Imakefile contains the line:


  If you want the arrow-scrollbar, then uncomment the line by deleting the '#'.

  The Imakefile uses the Xaw symbols in .../xc/config/cf, so if you have 
  debugging, profiling, shared libs, etc. specified for Xaw, you'll get 
  them in Xaw3d too.


  Just relink your Xaw based application with -lXaw3d.

  To obtain an appearance similar to another well know widget set, use the 
  following resources:
    *background:        LightSkyBlue
    *shapeStyle:        Rectangle
    *beNiceToColormap:  False

  By default, Label widgets do not have shadows drawn for them.  You can
  force shadows to be drawn for specifying:
    *Label*shadowWidth: 2

  If you'd like the default behavior (i.e. not 3-D) on pulldown menus, use:
    *SmeBSB*shadowWidth: 0

  Credits (in chronological order of their contribution):

          All the people at the X Consortium

          Achille Hui (eillihca@drizzle.stanford.edu)
          Robert Withrow (witr@rwwa.com)
          Malcolm Strickland (chuck-strickland@orl.mmc.com
          David Flanagan (david@ora.com)
          Jamie Zawinski (jwz%thalidomide@lucid.com
          Frank Terhaar-Yonkers (fty@bizarre.trpnc.epa.gov)
          Mike Schulze (mike@cs.curtin.edu.au)
          Gustaf Neumann (neumann@dec4.wu-wien.ac.at)
          Jerry Whelan (guru@stasi.bradley.edu)
          Mark Rawling (mwr@mel.dit.csiro.au)
          Tim Theisen (tim@cs.wisc.edu)
          Mitch Trachtenberg (mitch@mta.com)
          Keith Packard (keithp@ncd.com)
          Dimitri P. Bouras (dimitri@ee.ubc.ca)
          Uri ??? (uri@watson.ibm.com)
          Heiko Schroeder (heiko@pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de)

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