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Contents of README:
Here is a roadmap to the R5, public-patch-26, sources:

	README		this file
	RELNOTES.PS	Release Notes in PostScript
	RELNOTES.TXT	Release Notes in plain text
	RELNOTES.ms	Release Notes, troff source, -ms macros
	mit-1.tar.Z	MIT core distribution, part 1
	mit-2.tar.Z	MIT core distribution, part 2
	mit-3.tar.Z	MIT core distribution, part 3
	mit-4.tar.Z	MIT core distribution, part 4
	xdm-auth/	Info about HasXdmAuth config option
	contrib-1.tar.Z Contrib distribution, part 1
	contrib-2.tar.Z Contrib distribution, part 2
	contrib-3.tar.Z Contrib distribution, part 3

After transferring the files, please read the release notes for
information on how to extract and build the software.

A quick guide to the MIT tar files:

mit-1		Contains everything not in mit-2, mit-3, and mit-4. :-)
mit-2		Contains mit/clients/, mit/demos/, mit/rgb/, and mit/server/.
mit-3		Contains mit/fonts/bdf/.
mit-4		Contains mit/doc/ and mit/hardcopy/.

A quick guide to the Contrib tar files:

contrib-1	Contains clients, demos, games, fonts, examples, doc, util
contrib-2	Contains libraries, input methods, extensions, fortran, and
		Motif clients
contrib-3	Contains InterViews, XView, and Andrew

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