X11R6.9.0 Source Patches

CVE-2006-0745: The X server as distributed with X11R6.9.0 allowed execution of arbitrary code with root privileges if the server was installed setuid root, as well as a DoS by writing log files to arbitrary locations as root.

MD5: de85e59b8906f76a52ec9162ec6c0b63 x11r6.9.0-geteuid.diff
SHA1: f9b73b7c1bd7d6d6db6d23741d5d1125eea5f860 x11r6.9.0-geteuid.diff

CVE-2006-1526: A buffer overflow in the Render extension triangle handling code makes it possible for an authorized client to crash the X server or allow execution of malicious code with the privileges of the X server.

MD5: d666925bfe3d76156c399091578579ae x11r6.9.0-mitri.diff
SHA1: 3d9da8bb9b28957c464d28ea194d5df50e2a3e5c x11r6.9.0-mitri.diff