Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/apps/database

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
essentia/                commercial database engine freely available for Linux
flatfile/                general-purpose flat-file databases
hl/                      home librarian catalog software for books, tapes etc.
ingres/                  "University INGRES", a free relational database suite
lincks/                  LINCKS - a multi-user OODBMS
postgresSQL/             new postgres with OO capabilities and dynamic types
proprietary/             tools to use or convert proprietary database formats
relational/              experimental RDBMs based on non-SQL query languages
sql/                     SQL servers and front ends
www/                     WWW front ends for database tools
Lndbase-2.0.1.tar.gz     Alternative database model, suitable for a personal database which may contain any sort of information
PhilFree-0.9.tar.gz      a collection of software that may be useful for philatelists.       CDBFlite program  allows to  work with  .DBF files format from command line.         The  CDBFlite program  allows to  work with  .DBF files format from command line.
fastdb-1.09.tar.gz       Main Memory Object Relational Database Management System.
gigabase-1.09.tar.gz     Object Relational Database Management System
goods-2.08.tar.gz        distributed multiplatform OODBMS with multithreaded server
kaenguru-0.2.alpha.tar.gz a meta database system build around a small Scheme interpreter
post-1.19.tar.gz         Persistent Object Storage for C++
xdobry-0.20-0.tar.gz     Xdobry is a new approach database form generator for relational databases.

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