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This is a port of NetBSD to the FIC8234 VME processor board, made by the
swiss company CES (Geneve). These boards are (or have been) popular in
high energy physics data acquisition (think of CERN!). See
for some technical data.

The highlights:
- MC68040 processor at 25 MHz (optional dual-processor)
- 8 or 32 MByte RAM
- 2 serial ports on Z85c30
- 79c900 (ILACC) ethernet
- 53c710 SCSI

The port is quite rudimentary at the moment. The kernel is started out of
a running OS-9 system. SCSI support is not present yet, so it only works
diskless with NFS (or ramdisk - not tested) root.
It is good enough for multiuser, self-hosting etc. however.

To start it:
- make OS image by "objcopy --output-target=binary netbsd <imagename>"
- load image to physical address 0x20100000 (RAM start + 1M)
- jump to 0x20100400

For questions and contributions, contact Matthias Drochner

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