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#	$NetBSD: README,v 1.2 1998/01/09 04:11:52 perry Exp $

RPCSRC 4.0 7/11/89

This distribution contains Sun Microsystem's implementation of the
RPC and XDR protocols and is compatible with 4.2BSD and 4.3BSD.  Also
included is complete documentation, utilities, RPC service
specification files, and demonstration services in the format used by
the RPC protocol compiler (rpcgen).  See WHAT'S NEW below for


This release of RPCSRC contains most of the code needed to implement
Secure RPC (see "DES Authentication" in the RPC Protocol Specification,
doc/rpc.rfc.ms).  Due to legal considerations, we are unable to
distribute an implementation of DES, the Data Encryption Standard, which
Secure RPC requires.  For this reason, all of the files, documentation, and
programs associated with Secure RPC have been placed into a separate
directory, secure_rpc.  The RPC library contained in the main body of this
release *DOES NOT* support Secure RPC.  See secure_rpc/README for more
details.  (A DES library was posted in Volume 18 of comp.sources.unix.)

If you wish to report bugs found in this release, send mail to:

Portable ONC/NFS
Sun Microsystems, Inc
MS 12-33
2550 Garcia Avenue
Mountain View, CA  94043

or send Email to nfsnet@sun.com (the Internet) or sun!nfsnet (Usenet).


The directory hierarchy is as follows:

    demo/       Various demonstration services
    demo/dir        Remote directory lister
    demo/msg        Remote console message delivery service
    demo/sort       Remote sort service

    doc/        Documentation for RPC, XDR and NFS in "-ms" format.

    etc/        Utilities (rpcinfo and portmap).  portmap must be
                started by root before any other RPC network services are
                used.  SEE BELOW FOR BUGFIX TO 4.3BSD COMPILER.

    man/        Manual pages for RPC library, rpcgen, and utilities.

    rpc/        The RPC and XDR library.  SEE BELOW
                FOR BUGFIX TO 4.2BSD COMPILER.

    rpcgen/     The RPC Language compiler (for .x files)

    rpcsvc/     Service definition files for various services and the
                server and client code for the Remote Status service.

    secure_rpc/ The files in this directory are used to build a version of
                the RPC library with DES Authentication.  See the README
                file in that directory for more details.


Makefiles can be found in all directories except for man.  The
Makefile in the top directory will cause these others to be invoked
(except for in the doc, man and demo directories), in turn building the
entire release.

IN /usr/include, /usr/lib, /usr/bin and /etc.

The master RPC include file, rpc/rpc.h, is used by all programs and
routines that use RPC.  It includes other RPC and system include files
needed by the RPC system.  PLEASE NOTE: If your system has NFS, it
may have been based on Sun's NFS Source.  The include files installed
by this package may duplicate include files you will find on your NFS
system.  The RPCSRC 4.0 include files are upwardly compatible to all
NFS Source include files as of the date of this distribution (not
including any new definitions or declarations added by your system
vendor).  HOWEVER: Please read the comments towards the end of
rpc/rpc.h regarding rpc/netdb.h.  You may need to uncomment the
inclusion of that file if the structures it defines are already
defined by your system's include files.

After making any compiler fixes that are needed (see below), at
the top directory, type:

    make install

For all installations, the Makefile macro DESTDIR is prepended to the
installation path.  It is defined to be null in the Makefiles, so
installations are relative to root.  (You will probably need root
privileges for installing the files under the default path.)  To
install the files under some other tree (e.g., /usr/local), use the

    make install DESTDIR=/usr/local

This will place the include files in /usr/local/usr/include, the RPC
library in /usr/local/usr/lib, rpcgen in /usr/local/usr/bin, and the
utilities in /usr/local/etc.  You'll have to edit the Makefiles or
install the files by hand if you want to do anything other than this
kind of relocation of the installation tree.

The RPC library will be built and installed first.  By default it is
installed in /usr/lib as "librpclib.a".  The directory
/usr/include/rpc will also be created, and several header files will

The programs in etc/ link in routines from librpclib.a.  If you change
where it is installed, be sure to edit etc/'s Makefile to reflect this.
These programs are installed in /etc.  PORTMAP MUST BE RUNNING ON

rpcgen is installed in /usr/bin.  This program is required to build
the demonstration services in demo and the rstat client and server in

The rpcsvc/ directory will install its files in the directory
/usr/include/rpcsvc.  The Remote Status service (rstat_svc) will be
compiled and installed in /etc.  If you wish to make this service
available, you should either start this service when needed or have
it started at boot time by invoking it in your /etc/rc.local script.
(Be sure that portmap is started first!)  Sun has modified its
version of inetd to automatically start RPC services.  (Use "make
LIB=" when building rstat on a Sun Workstation.)  The Remote Status
client (rstat) will be installed in /usr/bin.  This program queries
the rstat_svc on a remote host and prints a system status summary
similar to the one printed by "uptime".

The documentation is not built during the "make install" command.
Typing "make" in the doc directory will cause all of the manuals to
be formatted using nroff into a single file.  We have had a report
that certain "troff" equivalents have trouble processing the full
manual.  If you have trouble, try building the manuals individually
(see the Makefile).

The demonstration services in the demo directory are not built by the
top-level "make install" command.  To build these, cd to the demo
directory and enter "make".  The three services will be built.
RPCGEN MUST BE INSTALLED in a path that make can find.  To run the
services, start the portmap program as root and invoke the service
(you probably will want to put it in the background).  rpcinfo can be
used to check that the service succeeded in getting registered with
portmap, and to ping the service (see rpcinfo's man page).  You can
then use the corresponding client program to exercise the service.
To build these services on a Sun workstation, you must prevent the
Makefile from trying to link the RPC library (as these routines are
already a part of Sun's libc).  Use: "make LIB=".


The use of a 'void *' declaration for one of the arguments in
the reply_proc() procedure in etc/rpcinfo.c will trigger a bug
in the 4.3BSD compiler.  The bug is fixed by the following change to
the compiler file mip/manifest.h:

*** manifest.h.r1.1	Thu Apr 30 13:52:25 1987
--- manifest.h.r1.2	Mon Nov 23 18:58:17 1987
*** 21,27 ****
   * Bogus type values
! #define TNULL	PTR		/* pointer to UNDEF */
  #define TVOID	FTN		/* function returning UNDEF (for void) */
--- 21,27 ----
   * Bogus type values
! #define TNULL	INCREF(MOETY)	/* pointer to MOETY -- impossible type */
  #define TVOID	FTN		/* function returning UNDEF (for void) */

If you cannot fix your compiler, change the declaration in reply_proc()
from 'void *' to 'char *'.


Unpatched 4.2BSD compilers complain about valid C.  You can make old
compilers happy by changing some voids to ints.  However, the fix to
the 4.2 VAX compiler is as follows (to mip/trees.c):

*** trees.c.r1.1	Mon May 11 13:47:58 1987
--- trees.c.r1.2	Wed Jul  2 18:28:52 1986
*** 1247,1253 ****
  		if(o==CAST && mt1==0)return(TYPL+TYMATCH);
  		if( mt12 & MDBI ) return( TYPL+LVAL+TYMATCH );
  		else if( (mt1&MENU)||(mt2&MENU) ) return( LVAL+NCVT+TYPL+PTMATCH+PUN );
! 		else if( mt12 == 0 ) break;
  		else if( mt1 & MPTR ) return( LVAL+PTMATCH+PUN );
  		else if( mt12 & MPTI ) return( TYPL+LVAL+TYMATCH+PUN );
--- 1261,1269 ----
  		if(o==CAST && mt1==0)return(TYPL+TYMATCH);
  		if( mt12 & MDBI ) return( TYPL+LVAL+TYMATCH );
  		else if( (mt1&MENU)||(mt2&MENU) ) return( LVAL+NCVT+TYPL+PTMATCH+PUN );
! 		/* if right is TVOID and looks like a CALL, is not ok */
! 		else if (mt2 == 0 && (p->in.right->in.op == CALL || p->in.right->in.op == UNARY CALL))
! 			break;
  		else if( mt1 & MPTR ) return( LVAL+PTMATCH+PUN );
  		else if( mt12 & MPTI ) return( TYPL+LVAL+TYMATCH+PUN );


The previous release was RPCSRC 3.9.  As with all previous releases,
this release is based directly on files from Sun Microsystem's

Upgrade from RPCSRC 3.9

1)  RPCSRC 4.0 upgrades RPCSRC 3.9.  Improvements from SunOS 4.0 have
    been integrated into this release.

Secure RPC (in the secure_rpc/ directory)

2)  DES Authentication routines and programs are provided.
3)  A new manual, "Secure NFS" is provided, which describes Secure RPC
    and Secure NFS.
4)  Skeleton routines and manual pages are provided which describe the
    DES encryption procedures required by Secure RPC.  HOWEVER, NO DES

New Functionality

5)  rpcinfo can now be used to de-register services from the portmapper
    which may have terminated abnormally.
6)  A new client, rstat, is provided which queries the rstat_svc and
    prints a status line similar to the one displayed by "uptime".

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