Fatdog64 is a small yet versatile 64-bit multi-user Linux distribution. Originally created as a "fatter" (=more built-in applications) derivative of Puppy Linux, Fatdog has grown to become a completely separate, mature 64-bit distribution. Fatdog64 still embodies the Puppy Linux spirit, fast and efficient.  

At around 200MB, Fatdog boots up to a complete desktop environment ready for use; most everyday application is already included.

And many more included, with more in its package repositories.

Fatdog is versatile: Use is at a Live CD (or Live USB), or install it. Installation requires *no* re-partitioning. Fatdog can store its settings in your existing partition: FAT, Ext2/3/4, NTFS partitions are supported, as well as CIFS shares and LVM and mdadm partitions; on your harddisk, USB flash drive, or DVD+RW. PXE-booting Fatdog is easy - only two files are required.

Fatdog ISO is a dual-isohybrid ISO:

In either case, the resulting CD/DVD or USB flash drive will boot on standard systems, UEFI systems, and systems with Secure Boot enabled (Windows 8).

Note: x86-64 CPU is required. Most Intel and AMD CPUs produced after 2008 supports 64-bit (including many Intel Atoms ).

Fatdog is created by kirk; and is currently maintained by kirk and james.

Latest Click here for info on the latest release.

ISO Click here to download the ISO file and burn your own CD.

Click here for pet packages.  A pet is a software package that installs by clicking on it, or you can use the Fatdog64 Package Manager.

Click here for sfs files.  A sfs file is filesytem that is merged with your normal file system at boot. The fd64-devx_xxx.sfs file contains the GCC compiler, python, kernel source, headers, ect..; everything you need to compile stuff. To use it, download it and move it to the same location as your save file, then go to the System tab in the Control Panel and click on System SFS Loader.  Then choose which sfs file to load.

Click here for the source packages. This link contains the source code used to build Fatdog.

Puppy Linux Discussion Forum.  This is the main forum for Puppy Linux. Fatdog64 posts are usually found in the Puppy Projects subforum.

FAQs  Questions not answered on this page? Most of Fatdog64's documentation is found here.

Click here for Beginner's Guide, courtesy of smokey01.

Fatdog history - the first five years.

Ibiblio has mirrors around the world. Click here to find a mirror near you. (This mirror is popular.)

A big thank you goes to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for www.ibiblio.org and for hosting Fatdog64!