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# $NetBSD: README,v 2019/11/17 07:04:33 martin Exp $

the scripts should be run from the directory where they reside.

makeflist:	output the list of files that should be in a
		distribution, according to the contents of the
		'lists' directory.

checkflist:	check the file list (as internally generated
		by makeflist) against the tree living in $DESTDIR.
		(that tree should be made with 'make distribution'.)

maketars:	make tarballs of the various sets in the distribution,
		based on the contents of the lists, the tree in
		$DESTDIR, and put the tarballs in $RELEASEDIR.
		Note that this script _doesn't_ create the 'secr'
		distribution, because (for now) it requires
		manual intervention to get the binaries right...
		(i'll add another script to create that dist, later.)

what's in 'lists':

lists describing file sets.  There are two sets of lists per file
set: machine dependent and machine-independent files. (there's
also another file in the 'man' dir, which is used by the 'man'
and 'misc' sets, but that's explained later.)

There is one machine-independent file, named "mi".  There are
N machine-dependent files (one per architecture), named "md.${ARCH}".

the sets are as follows:

	base:	the base binary set.  excludes everything described

	comp:	compiler tools.  All of the tools relating to C, C++,
		and FORTRAN (yes, there are two!) that are in the
		tree.  This includes includes, the linker, tool chain,
		and the .a versions of the libraries.  (obviously,
		base includes ldd, ld.so, and the shared versions.
		base also includes 'cpp', because that's used by X11.)
		includes the man pages for all the binaries contained
		within.  Also, includes all library and system call
		manual pages.

	debug:	Debugging libraries (_g.a/MKDEBUGLIB) and (.debug/MKDEBUG)

	etc:	/etc, and associated files (/var/cron/tabs, /root,
		etc.).  things that shouldn't be blindly reinstalled
		on an upgrade.

	games:	the games and their man pages.

	man:	all of the man pages for the system, except those
		listed elsewhere (e.g. in comp, games, misc, text).
		Includes machine-dependent man pages for this CPU.

	misc:	share/dict, share/doc, and the machine-dependent
		man pages for other CPUs which happen to always
		be installed.

	modules:	stand/${MACHINE}/${OSRELEASE}/modules kernel modules

	rescue:	Standalone system recovery tools.

	tests:	unit, regression, integration and stress tests for the
		whole system.

	text:	text processing tools.  groff and all of its friends.
		includes man pages for all bins contained within.

Each set must contain "./etc/mtree/set.<set name>" within the mi
list.  Failure to add this will break unprivileged builds.

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