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$NetBSD: README,v 1.2 1995/03/23 08:33:07 cgd Exp $

Larn is a dungeon type game program.  Larn is a adventure/action game similar
in concept to rogue or hack, but with a much different feel. 
Try it, you'll like it!

You will have to edit the Makefile to reflect your configuration.  Define
LARNHOME as the place where the larn auxiliary files will reside, and
BINDIR as the place where the larn executable should be placed.  Type
"make" to compile, or "make all" to compile and install ("make install"
does just the install).

Here's a list of what is in each of the various source files:

Fixed.Bugs		 this is a list of the things that were changed
				since ver 11.0
Makefile		 makefile script to compile the program
Make.lint		 makefile script to run larn sources through lint
README			 this is what you are now reading
bill.c          code for the letters of praise if player wins
config.c        data definitions for the installation dependent data --
                    savefilenames, where the scorefiles are, etc.
create.c        code to create the dungeon and all objects
data.c          data definitions for the game -- no code here
diag.c          code to produce diagnostic data for wizards, & savegame stuff
display.c       code to update the display on the screen
fortune.c		code for the fortune cookies
global.c        code for globally used functions that are specific to larn
header.h        constant and structure definitions
help.c          code for the help screens in the game of larn
.holidays		data file which lists upcoming holidays
io.c    	    code to handle file and terminal i/o
.larn.help.uue	larn help file (UUENCODED)
.larnmaze		data file for pre-made mazes
.larnopts		a sample .larnopts option data file
.lfortune		data file which contains the hints
main.c          code for the main command control and parsing
monster.c       code to handle attack and defense modes with monsters
moreobj.c		code for the fountains, altars, thrones
movem.c         code to move the monsters around the dungeon
nap.c           code to sleep for less than a second
object.c        code to handle objects in the dungeon
regen.c			code to regenerate the player and advance game time
savelev.c	code to get/put a level from level storage into working
		level memory
scores.c        code to process and manage the scoreboard
signal.c        code to handle UNIX signals that are trapped
store.c         code for the larn thrift shoppe, bank, trading post, lrs
tok.c           code for the input front end and options file processing

To find out how to play the game, run it and type in a '?' to get the help
screens.  By the way, the wizards password is "pvnert(x)" and to become wizard
type in an underscore, you are then prompted for the password.  Wizards are
non-scoring characters that get enlightenment, everlasting expanded 
awareness, and one of every object in the game.  They help the author to debug
the game.

Note regarding the wizard id:  If you are using userid's, then WIZID must be
set to the userid of the person who can become wizard.  If you are using
player id's, WIZID must be set to the playerid (edit file .playerids if needed)
of the player who can become wizard.

You may want to clear out the scoreboard.  The command "larn -c" will make a
new scoreboard.  It will prompt you for the wizards password.


James McNamara has volunteered to maintain the latest sources, and provide
latest bug fixes to anyone who asks.  Both James and I will field requests for
sources, for those who ask.

			  ___	Prince of Gems (alias Noah Morgan)
			 /.  \	USENET: panda!condor!noah
			 \   /	at GenRad Inc.  Bolton MA
			  \ /

Below is some additional info about the installation of larn:

Install: Notes on the game LARN installation.
Larn is copyrighted 1986 by Noah Morgan.
This file (below) originally by James D. McNamara, last update 7/27/86 by nm


	You should receive six (6) shar files, which are:


I.	Use /bin/sh (or your system equivalent) to "unravel" shar files
	larn.part-1, ..., larn.part-6.  I suggest you do this directly
	into $LARNHOME (See Section III.).  Notable files:

	README	-	The author's how-to.
	MANIFEST -	Files you should have.

III.	Edit a copy of "Makefile" and leave the edited version in $LARNHOME.

All the "configuration" options are tidily near the top of the "Makefile."
Here are the ones you probably will want to edit:

LARNHOME	I specified (literally) the directory, with path from root,
	where "larn" will reside.  This included where I put the *.c files,
	it is where the *.o files ended up, as well as all data and *.h files.
	i suspect the *.c and intallation-documentation files can be moved off,
	but the data and bits must all remain here for execution.

BINDIR		I specified (literally) the directory, with path from root,
	where the executable "larn" will reside.  The "Makefile" will dump
	the "a.out", named "larn", in this directory.  My BINDIR was not
	my LARNHOME, so $BINDIR/larn was the ONLY file dumed here.  You'll
	probably have to chmod it for public execute, etc.

OPTIONS		This is how *I* specified them... they are documented in-line:

IV.	Compile the bugger.  Read "README" before you do.  You have a couple
	of options here:

	make			- will not install, suspect good for updates.
	make all		- compile (and) intall
	make install		- just install

	I did "make" and then "make install" -- seems to work "ok", but
	"make all" probably safer, if I had known.  Note that "Makefile"
	is the default file for "make."

V.	Execute and have fun.  If wizard code "ok", larn -c will refresh the
	scoreboard.  Play and win (or get killed) to put somebody on the


	Please forward any bug-fixes in these regards to me (or Noah), so I may
	compile a fix-list for other installers.  Thanks.

James D. McNamara                    CSNET:   jim@bu-cs
                                     ARPANET: jim%bu-cs@csnet-relay
                                     UUCP:    ...harvard!bu-cs!jim
                                     BITNET:  jim%bu-cs%csnet-relay.arpa@wiscvm

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