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Contents of README:
This directory contains sources for X11 Release 6.3

The software release consists of four gzipped tar files:

  xc-1.tar.gz		everything in xc/ that isn't in the other tar files
  xc-2.tar.gz		xc/fonts, xc/doc/specs, xc/util
  xc-3.tar.gz		xc/doc/hardcopy

The sources contained in these tar files are pre-patched through public-
patch-2. The original patch-level-zero tar files are contained in the 
subdirectory PATCH-LEVEL-0. 

Unlike the patch-level-zero tar files these tar files were written using 
an option to make them extractable on older systems like SunOS 4 and Ultrix. 
In future releases we will probably use the "default" options and those
people still using SunOS 4 and Ultrix will (again) be required to use
alternative utilities, e.g. GNU tar, to extract the tar files.

The following files are contained in the tar files, but are also
available separately in this directory:

  RELNOTES.*		Release Notes for X11 Release 6.1
  INSTALL.*		Building and Installing the X Window System

The following files may aid you in using this FTP directory

  README		this file; a short index of what's here
  CHECKSUMS		checksums of the tar files

The tar files are stored in "gzip" format on our FTP server, and thus
have a ".gz" suffix.  If you cannot handle gzip compression, you can
have our FTP server convert them to "compress" (.Z) or uncompressed
format.  Changing the suffix of the filename you ask for will change
its format on the fly.  Change ".gz" to ".Z" to get compress format.
Remove the ".gz" suffix entirely to get the file uncompressed.

After transferring the files, please read the Release Notes and Build
Instructions for information on how to extract and build the software.

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