6.8. Transferring Files with FTP

This section provides an introduction to uploading files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP can be used to transfer files of any type, but most commonly it's used to transfer content to your websites. This chapter focuses on this specific use.

By the end of this section the reader will be able to upload files and directories to their website using FTP.

Begin by using the procedure outlined in the previous section "System Access Control" to configure your EnGarde Secure Linux machine to permit FTP access from your IP address or network.

The next step is to configure the FTP server. Log into the Guardian Digital WebTool, click the Services menu, choose the File Transfer Protocol link, then choose the General Configuration from the Modules menu and you'll be presented with a screen like the one in Figure 6-19.

Figure 6-19. FTP Server Configuration

Fill out the information on this page using the suggestions below:

When done click the Save Changes button. You should now be able to FTP into your machine as a local user, navigate to your web sites Document Root (as shown in Figure 6-17), and upload content.